**All pictures on our site are actual Wheel Doctor's work not stock photos or someone else work!**
The wheel repairs you need, at the prices you can afford!
Why replace when you can repair!

Serving Cincinnati's wheel repair needs for over 15 years, experience matters!! 

Professional Wheel repair
•  Bent Wheels
•  Crack Wheels
•  Cosmetic Refinish Wheels
•  Powder Coating
•  Barrel Replacement
Wheel we Repair
•  Factory Wheels
•  Aftermarket Wheels
•  Multi Piece Wheels
•  Chrome Wheels *NO CHROMING*
•  Painted Wheels
•  Powder Coated Wheels
Clients We Serve
•  Jaguar/Land Rover Cincinnati
•  Jake Sweeney
•  Joseph Auto Group
•  Kings Auto Mall
•  Bob Sumerel
•  Tire Discounter
• Camargo Cadillac
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Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm

Closed 12-1 Lunch

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4407 Sycamore Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
I-71 North to Ronald Regan Cross County HWY/OH-126 West via EXIT 14
Take BLUE ASH RD/KENWOOD RD EXIT. Turn Left at the ramp exit light. Turn Left at 2nd light - BLUE ASH RD. Turn Right onto SYCAMORE ROAD at the 4-way Stop Sign. We are the 2nd building on the left hand side (2-story grey building).
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Wheel Doctor went above and beyond for me! I hit a piece of metal on 71 south and damaged both of my passenger wheels. I called two Tire Discounters and Bob Sumerel and was referred to the Wheel Doctor directly. I brought my car in was provided with two full sized loaner wheels and was sent on my way within a half hour and was told the repair cost for the bend and crack in my wheels were $100 each. I was called back two days later and told to come in at my convience to have my wheels put back on my car. I am extremely pleased and would recommend them to anyone! :)

Important information about wheel repair!

It has come to our attention recently that some potential customers have noted our prices may be slightly higher than other wheel repair companies in the area.  
At the wheel Doctor we have been continually improving our process, techniques, and equipment as well as sourcing higher quality materials to provide our customers with unparalleled repairs and refinishes.
There are things that happen behind the scenes at any wheel repair facility that the customer never sees but has a long term impact on your wheels integrity as well as finish durability.  The company you choose to work on your Vehicle should be able fully explain their process and have years of experience doing the work.  Ask questions, do your homework and don't always jump for the lowest price, remember you get what you pay for. Wheel Doctor has been repairing wheels full time for over 15 years now, we average 6000 wheels a year that over 90,000 wheels repaired!!!! You cant beat experience, Its priceless!!!

What We Can Do

 The Wheel Doctor offers you a quality, cost-effective alternative to wheel replacement. Whether a dented wheel, cracked wheel, bent wheel, broken or curb-rashed wheel….we repair it all!
 We have a full service facility where we do much more than simple cosmetic “touch up’s”. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to straighten large bends, weld large and small cracks, and cosmetically repair almost any wheel. We also remove and replace wheels on a lift as well as mount, dismount, and balance regular or low profile tires when having repair work.
 We have been servicing the Greater Cincinnati Tri-state area since 1999 doing nothing but servicing wheels. We provide service to many of the city's car dealerships, Bob Sumerel and Tire Discounters.

What You Can Do

•  Drop off your wheels with or without tires
•  We refinish and or repair your wheels
•  Pick up your wheel(s) in APPROXIMATELY 24-hrs

Wheel Doctor's Process

 Wheels are re-moved from the vehicle.
Tires are removed from the wheels.
Center caps, clip on and stick on wheel weights, adhesive, tar, valve stems/ or tpms sensors are removed from the wheel.
Wheels are thoroughly cleaned, media blasted or chemical stripped, then re-cleaned and ready to be prepped for cosmetic refinish.
All cosmetic damage to the wheel is repaired.
Wheels are powder coated with primer, powder coated with color of choice. Satin colors are a single stage process and gloss colors receive a clear coat.
Center caps (when applicable) are painted to match the color of the wheels. Most center caps are plastic and cannot sustain the powder coat process due to heat.
Tires are re-mounted and balanced with stick on weights, new valve stems are installed / or tpms sensors re-installed on the wheels.
Wheels are re-installed on the vehicle.
*When wheels are brought to us without tires all the steps are still completed with the exception of the removal and remount and balance of the tires.

Why Call Us Instead of Ordering Replacement or New Wheels

Replacement wheels or "new" wheels are commonly misused and definitely misunderstood.
A "new" wheel can ONLY come from one place the dealership parts counter there is no other place to purchase a NEW factory wheel, everything else has been repaired remanufactured or is just a clean used wheel. If your not buying it direct from the dealer your getting the same service we provide but on a wheel of questionable origin. Did that wheel you just bought come off a totalled car or was it in a scrap pile then reconditioned? Save yourself the headaches and just have your existing wheels refinished/reconditioned.
We repair your wheels in most cases 24 hours or less for a fraction of the cost of new wheels.
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